Eco-friendly cleaning + Organic storage + Filtering water

Kitchen King


Eco-friendly way of supplying your kitchen #bethepositivechange
We have selected the most essential products for an ecolocical kitchen, with this box you will have the complete experience!
  This box includes:
  Activated carbon
  3 x bee wraps
  Dish soap - Ecover
  Cleaning brush
  Hand soap + dish
  Silicone baking paper
  4x Steel straws
  Composable bags 20L
  Ecover dish soap: ​
  The Ecover packaging is 100% recycled ​ plastic and fully recyclable  
  The Ecover soap feels soft in your hands & is plant-based.

  Bee wraps:
  Say goodbye to plastic film or aluminum with the bee wrap.
  Super easy to use , practical and sustainable.

  Activated carbon:
  Amazing natural water filter.
  Makes your tap water tastes better & absorbs polluting particles.
  Adios     plastic water bottles with activated carbon!

  Cleaning brush ​
  Plastic free & made of plant fibers.
  Finally a zero waste replacement for the plastic brush #old school.

  Silicone baking paper ​
  Handy, reusable kitchen tool!

  Composable bags ​
  Made from cornstarch + compostable     Eco-friendly bags!

  Steel straws ​
  Just a fancy way of eco-friendly drinking.
  Ecover dish soap:   Use this to wash your dishes with the dish brush.

  Bee Wraps:   Use this to preserve your leftovers by covering a bowl or other container with the bee wrap. To cover your container, simply use the heat of your hands to mold the Bee Wrap into the shape of your container. You can rub lightly with your hands to make it stick. Always wash the bee wrap by hand in cold water (~20°C). Hot water could damage your bee wrap and melt the beeswax.

  Activated carbon:   This filters your tap water with its natural minerals! Step 1: Activate your carbon by boiling it in water for 10 minutes and let it dry. Step 2: put your carbon stick in a jug of tap water and let it rest for 5-8 hours. Well done! Your water is filtered and drinkable now, enjoy!

  Baking paper:   Can be used from -60° to + 260°. Cleans easily in the dishwasher. Can be used for the oven, microwave, refrigerator and freezer. Ultra-flexible and 100% non-stick, this baking mat avoids the excessive use of flour or oil.

  Composable bags:   Use this for small garbage cans. This bag is 100% biodegradable so you can throw it directly into your compost.

  Solid soap:   Put it under water, it foams like magic ;)
  Ecover dish soap:  Lemon & aloe vera.

  Activated carbon ​ is a type of coal of natural origin that has undergone a special treatment. Obtained from any plant material rich in carbon, in this case bamboo, activated carbon is produced in a heating process called “carbonisation” or “calcination” through which it will be activated and obtain all its beneficial properties.

  Bee wrap:  Cotton, beeswax, sunflower oil and pine resin.

  Baking paper:  Fiberglass covered with high quality silicone: wear-resistant and non-stick.

  Steel straws:  100% inox!

  Composable bags:  Corn starch.

  Solid soap:  Raspberry, coconut & argan oils. Certified organic.

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