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Intimate care


This box will cover all your women’s needs, by being eco-friendly and saving some money on the way! Isn’t this wonderful!
  This box includes:
  2x Menstruation pads
  Transport pouch
  Washing pouch
  Intimate wipes  
  The menstruation pads ​ = 200 washes = approximately 3 years of use. This is equivalent to more than 500 disposable pads! It contains no chemical product which makes it even better for you and for the planet, and you save money too!   #ohyeah

  Our intimate wipes are vegan, organic & biodegradable. You can throw them in your compost bin
  Menstruation pads: To wash your pads use the washing pouch, you can wash this with the rest of your laundry up to 60° (don’t worry it won’t get the rest of your laundry dirty). Afterward, let the pads dry in the open air. Choose the size you prefer, the larger pads are recommended for the night. You can always order some more.

  Intimate wipes Soft wipes designed to refresh during menstruation or while traveling. Gentle and effective for daily intimate hygiene.

  Transport pouch: Take this with you when you go out and put some clean pads inside. Now you can change your pads where you want and when you want. You can fold your sanitary pad (the fabric with the patterns on the outside) and store it in the pouch.
  Menstruation pads: Made of cotton on the inside and coated cotton on the outside.

  Intimate wipes: Aqua, Glycerin, Rose de Provins, Rose de Damas, Chamomile flower extract, Calendula flower extract.

  Transport pouch: Coated cotton.

  Washing pouch: 100% cotton.

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