Teeth care + Body hygiene + Lovely sent

Bathroom gone crazy


Eco-friendly way of supplying your bathroom
To offer a complete bathroom routine we included multiple bestsellers of amazing french cosmetic brands.
  This box includes:
  Solid shower gel
  Bio tooth paste
  A Natural deodorant
  Bamboo ear sticks
  Wooden soap dish
  Solid shampoo (optional)
  Solid shower gel:
  Hydrates your skin (lovely feeling).
  In French, this is called “a savon à froid” (technique to make soap).
  Replaces your plastic shower gel!

  Solid Shampoo:
  Foams very well & excellent for your skin.
  Handmade of natural ingredients.
  Palm oil free formula.
  1 solid shampoo = 2 to 3 plastic bottles

  Natural deodorant:
  Made of only natural ingredients.
  Feels very organic & excellent for your skin!
  Do the math it’s already a lot of bottles saved #congratulations

  Bio toothpaste:
  Sublime & organic feel to your teeth.
  No unnecessary chemicals, completely natural.

  Ear sticks
  Made of bamboo.
  Guaranteed 100% recyclable.
  Solid shower gel:
Foam on wet skin (yes, it DOES foam!) and rinse gently with warm water.

  Solid shampoo:
Rub your shampoo between your hands or directly onto wet hair to lather. Massage your scalp and rinse. Keep it dry (use your wooden soap dish!).

  Remember to dry and keep your solid soap and shampoo dry (on your wooden soap dish for example!) so they don’t melt.

  A natural deodorant:
Take a very small amount with your hands and apply it to your armpits. In case of a hot day (yes, even in Belgium it can happen) you can do it several times… Dry skin effect guaranteed.
  Le Gandhi shower gel: Patchouli & eucalyptus. The detoxifying activated charcoal gives the Gandhi soap its deep black color, the pink color comes from the purifyed pink clay.

  Vahiné shower gel: Pink clay and ylang. We colored it with pink clay, which in addition to cleaning your skin tenderly, gives this soap a sublime terracotta color.

Not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding and for children under 10 years old.

  Rhassoul & Ylang-ylang shampoo: Rapeseed, olive, coconut & castor oils, mix of essential oils, rhassoul.

  Egg shampoo: Rapeseed, olive, coconut & castor oils, raw shea butter, organic egg yolk. No precaution because this shampoo does not contain essential oils.

  Deodorant l’Herbacé: Peppermint & sage.

  Deodorant le Fleuri: Rose geranium & palmarosa.

  Toothpaste: Natural fresh mint flavor.

Customise your box!


Equivalent to 2-3 plastic shampoo bottles

Delivered in 3 working days