Who we are

Quality, sustainability & slow fashion are our trademarks. We use high-quality Jacquard textile, which enables us to work with beautiful & unique prints. 

We chose to work with a social workplace, here people with disabilities produce our bags with great care and precision. We are proud to say that our bags are produced by hand at the atelier De Kemphaan in East Flanders. The prints we use are timeless and can be worn all year round. 

It's about time

We all know we need to slowly change our lifestyle… but where do you start, right? Well, we know this feeling very well and we want to help you to get on your way. 

Changing your habits is not always easy but it does feel good! Especially when it is about respecting your body and our planet. 

With our boxes, we hope to make sure you experience this change as an amazing adventure. This is why we created Eco-friendly boxes! Try out our boxes and just get started! 

The duo

Our Team

For the moment it’s just us, feel free to contact us any time! 

Aline El Maqrini


Arthur Van Den Avenne